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TTM Dongguan (DMC)

Dongguan Meadville Circuits Limited, a member of TTM Technologies Group, is a highly specialized supplier of printed circuit board which was founded in 2004. DMC factory covers an area of 120,000 square meters  and has about 3,000 employees.

Current Opportunities

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Why Work Here?

We attach great importance to employees' suggestions and opinions, which are solicited through a variety of channels. We have developed programs to foster employee feedback, including new and veteran employee networking,  management communication meetings, supervisor and employee reviews, and more. Adopting reasonable suggestions and opinions helps us to continuously improve our customer service and products, but also the experience of our valued team.

TTM DMC has created various rewards and employee recognition programs to honor our innovative, results-driven colleagues and teams. Examples of these programs include: Monthly Post Pace-setter, Enterprise Contribution Award, Best Team awards, and the Annual Star Employee award. We pride ourselves in recognizing the performance excellence of our employees and the important role these recognition play in our company culture.

Live a little beyond work!  We routinely organize fun activities for our employees. Past activities include basketball and badminton tournaments, talent shows, celebrations for birthdays and holidays, annual gatherings, and so much more. Our goal is to provide an enriching employee experience that focuses on collaboration, team work, and enjoyment for all.

TTM DMC provides facilities for employees' entertainment and socializing in their leisure time. Employees enjoy KTV, table tennis & billiard area, library, and activity room, among other amenities.

Systematic learning courses apply for employee continuous improvement on the knowledge, technology and competency level and Development program designed for career advancement are ready for employees at all levels, such as DDI Leadership training, train-the-trainer projects, and the DMC online training platform.

Life at TTM Dongguan (DMC)

Team work is an important aspect of working with TTM’s global team.
There are numerous clubs, associations, and recreational organizations at TTM DMC.
The Chinese New Year Annual Dinner is much-anticipated event TTM DMC employees.
TTM Dongguan celebrates numerous occasions throughout the year.
Employees are encouraged to participate in celebrations and recreational activities.
TTM values our team’s hardwork; we also value having fun together.

Charitable Giving & Volunteerism

The growth and development of the DMC team can't be separated from the strong ties we have with our community. Our employees actively participate in a variety of corporate social responsibility activities, supported by TTM, these include: Earth Day activities, donation drives, and more.

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