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Ceramics Solutions for High-Reliability Applications, Including Implantable Medical Technology.

Ceramic Circuits and Packaging

TTM Technologies offers low-temperature cofired ceramics (“LTCC”), thick-film, and standard resistive ceramic component manufacturing for numerous applications. Specializing in the fabrication of extremely tight-tolerance and high-reliability circuits, we bring deep engineering expertise and world-class infrastructure to your projects.

Whether your project requires a high-density LTCC circuit with embedded components or a complete integrated microwave assembly, TTM can provide an exacting build-to-print or custom-engineered solution.


TTM's state-of-the-art Advanced Precision Etched Ceramic Substrate (“APECS”) technology provides precision ceramic substrate requirements without the expense of thin film ceramics.
Designed by engineers, constructed in our ISO-registered ceramics plant, and proven again and again in the most demanding applications, our family of standard and custom terminations, resistors, and attenuators address your needs. These components are for high-power applications from 0.05 to 800 Watts. They cover a range of mission-critical applications from DC to 20 GHz.
  • Ceramic base material: Al2O3, BeO, AlN
  • Termination styles: surface mount, flip chip, single-edge metalizing for high-performance terminations, wire bondable, leaded
  • Termination materials: Pd/Ag, Pt/Au, Au, Ag, Ni, plated: Sn over Ni, Sn/Pb over Ni, ENiG
  • Values: 50 milli-ohms-100 giga-ohms, tolerances To +/- 0.5%, TCR to +/-50 PPM/C
  • Size: wire bondable to 0.020” X 0.020” (0505), surface-mounted to 0.020” X 0.010” (0502)


When it comes to designing today's medical devices, the stakes couldn't be higher. That's why you can count on TTM's high reliability, high-voltage resistive technologies.

  • Base material: aluminum nitride, Al2O3, BeO
  • Specifications: VSWR rated at 1.25:1 or better to 6 GHz, 50/100 Ohms +/- 2% standard
  • Resistor styles: surface-mounted, coaxial, top contact (chip), leaded (with or without flange carrier)
  • Termination materials: Pd/Ag, Pt/Au, Au, Ag, Ni barrier
  • Microwave attenuators: stripline, surface-mounted


High-reliability ceramic products for mission-critical and life-saving applications

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