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Attenuators - Chip

Our low-cost chip attenuators line is high-reliability-tested with an immersion tin finish for solder applications and features small and lightweight packaging and overall frequency response. These attenuators are manufactured using thick-film construction and are lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Resistive components are designed with today’s higher-power, more compact commercial wireless equipment systems in mind, leveraging unique product designs and manufacturing techniques to achieve unmatched pricing advantages in high-volume applications. These products are specifically designed for commercial wireless bands with individual parts covering all popular bands from DC to 6GHz, have higher power handling in smaller packages, and use environmentally-friendly materials and construction. Our BeO-free AlN and alumina designs and lead-free tin finish help you comply with RoHS and other global standards and regulations.

TTM’s Chip Attenuator Products

Part Number Buy Documents Frequency Power Size Attenuation Return Loss Resistor Value Material Finish Request Sample
GHz W In dB dB Ω
1615-20 Buy
0 - 2.3 100 0.375 x 0.250 x 0.04 20 19 50 AIN Matte Tin over Nickel
1615-30 Buy
0 - 2.3 100 0.375 x 0.250 x 0.04 30 19 50 AIN Matte Tin over Nickel
B150NA20X4 Buy
0 - 2.7 150 0.375 x 0.250 x 0.04 20 20 50 AIN Matte Tin over Nickel
B150NA30X4 Buy
0 - 2.7 150 0.375 x 0.250 x 0.04 30 20 50 AIN Matte Tin over Nickel
Result Not Found

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